Keeping positive 

Today and tomorrow are two separate days

So if today goes wrong you have another chance

People may talk and give a glance

But always stay positive because things can’t get worse 

Keep on smiling,honey put your chin up
Of course don’t be big headed but have some self confidence 

At least once in a while be proud to be you

Keep being positive and rub of onto those who are near you

You are special baby, keep positive


who are you to judge?

Hey everyone!

So i wanted to make this post as an eyeopener to everyone. At some point in our lives, as teenagers, we either give labels or have been given one. Yes maybe some people are popular, jocks, emos or geeks. They are fairly reasonable labels, but that shouldn’t be pushed upon of what kind of person someone is. Just because you think that you can guess someones personality by the way they look or what they are interested in, doesn’t mean you know who they are. Deep down!

 Just because someone dresses in black, it doesn’t mean that they’re all about death and hurt. Another example is when a girl likes to hang out with boys and wears short skirts. Yes that may seem ‘slutty’, but when girls are very skinny or have a high metabolism they cannot buy a long skirt without it being too big around the waist. In addition to this,  some girls like to hang out with boys, as male friends are seen as laid back and down to earth. You see, this is my point. People are quick to judge just by who someone hangs out with and what they wear but when you look into the details, you realise that things aren’t all what it seems.

The thing is, once you have labelled someone, that horrible name follows them around and you cant really take it back. Not quickly, anyway! That girl that you may have called a slut will feel self conscious and vulnerable. Then after this occurs people will label this person an attention seeker, but they are not, just upset and hurt. It is not fair!

Why don’t we stop this hate? Why don’t we spread love? It costs nothing. Please think before judging someone and accept everyone for who they are.


Preparing for GCSE’s

Hey everyone this is my first blog post so I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. if you are not interested then go and read on to the following paragraphs instead. I am a very self expressive person who likes creative projects, that is probably why I have started this blog. I love being with my friends and family and i am a dancer.

So I’m well I’m into my gcse’s now and I feel like this will not only hopefully help you guys but me too. I am in fact, to add on the pressure, taking an extra gcse and doing all higher tier exams.

My main tip for preparation is to keep organised. Yeah that does seem lame, but it does actually help to do so. This doesn’t mean putting everything in drawers and labelling everything, although yes that does of course help. All I do is keep everything together and make sure that everything is prepared for the next day. If I remember to do something I take a note ready for when I need to complete the task. I also like using a timetable.

What is also helping me is keeping my friends close. I have a group of friends and about four best friends who keep me grounded and help me through each day. Along with this is having my family around.(my parents and brother). Of course we all argue with our parents and siblings but they are the ones who have been there for me since I was born, you too.

Another tip of mine is to do all your homework. this may seem obvious and again lame, but I have always done my homework and it has always helped. I stay focused on all my work whether I can be bothered or not. sometimes listening to music can help with this making time bearable. also, take breaks in between to snack and drink and socialise with friends. Along with homework you need to revise, but that is part of homework too!

To finish of I am going to say that you should buy all the equipment needed. This could be textbooks and stationary or other things like a laptop to type your work.

Thank you for reading i hope it helped.xx

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