killer weight worries

Hey everyone, hope ya’ll doing well. xx

My topic on this post is weight concerns. I feel like this is something that most people spend their lives experiencing, yet isn’t really spoken about enough. In fact, in the UK more than half of teenaged girls have worries about their weight. One of my issues within this segment of teen life is that boys go through this lack of self confidence too, but don’t get enough recognition. Both boys and girls, are perfect, whether they are tall, small, a size 6 or 16.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t worry about how they look or take pride in themselves, but you shouldn’t stress to the point of making yourself ill. Recently I have been eating a lot healthier and within 2 weeks, my weight has dropped massively. I have never been unhealthy or large and heavy, but I took it upon my self to eat a bit better and take in consideration to what I eat. Do I really need a sweet treat at this moment in time? I am not saying to cut out all sweet food, or fatty takeaway foods because trust me it doesn’t work. The main thing is your happiness which is why having the odd treat every once and a while doesn’t hurt. Just don’t binge eat!

weight is a strange thing and for teenagers it is even stranger. So much worry and time is put into such concerns, but is it really all worth it? Teenagers, as they are going through their puberty will vary in size, so all you have to do is wait. Once you are older, you will soon shape up. Boys will become stronger, masculine men and girls will become shaped, feminine women. Parents say this all the time, and I feel as though teens don’t take that into consideration enough, trust me it is true. You’re all beautiful! Today, and in the future, we are just all unique, different and changing every day.

So, what shall we take from this?

  • Eating healthy is NOT the same as dieting
  • Staying happy is the most important thing
  • Treating yourself is not a crime
  • We are all amazing and really there is NO such thing as PERFECT!



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