Being young and single

In this generation it seems as though everyone feels as though they need to be in a relationship at around the age of 14 and older. Sometimes even younger. Well it isn’t a necessity. Yes, love feels amazing, but can’t you just get love from friends and family? 

The likelihood that a relationship from such a young age is going to work is minimal, so in some ways it can be a waste of time and tears. No one knows what a real relationship is until they have experienced it, so being even younger than say 17 or 18 reduces the knowledge, responsibility and maturity of the situation. You are unlikely to marry your young love, so don’t worry and don’t feel like it is important to be ‘in love’!

However, if you meet someone, who you love, and they love you back, go for it, yet don’t feel pressurised, because there are more important things to think about.  If your ‘crush’ doesn’t have the same feelings for you as you do towards them, forget it, move on and live your childhood life. For example, you are at school and most likely have exams on the way. Study study study! That will matter in the future. Friends, party’s and family outings. Enjoy yourself instead of make a commitment to love. Family are always there and friends are in it for the long haul. Party’s, well they’re just fun!

Like I have said, you have people who care, whether they are a ‘partner’ or not, and that is very special. This matters. Family, friends and even pets so never feel un loved to the point of needing a partner. Stay young and stay single. Xx


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