exam preparation

exams are probably finished for some, and summer holidays are on their way, but even the timing may not seem right, i am going to write this post for early preparation.

tip 1

exams are pressurising and it can take some time to get used to them which is why teachers give you the chance to practice some mocks. However, to give you some extra practice, ask your teachers to give you an old paper or a couple of exam style questions. trust me it helps!

tip 2

Create a study group with some trusty people that wont set you back. Therefore, you will be able to ask questions and learn from each other. You never know it might be fun!

tip 3

watch videos and read to increase your knowledge on a specific topic. you might find it interesting.

tip 4

Take breaks for food, drink, fun and rest. It has been scientifically proved that you learn better with lots of small chunks than a long big chunk! Along with this, fun is extremely important, and you don’t want to over do it and stress yourself out. Ask friends out or go and spend time with your family.

tip 5

Flash cards.  These are extremely useful and so are posters. Give them a try and if you have any other methods please be sure to tell me them! xx


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