Oh my god it’s that time of the month. Aches and pains, blood and fatigue. It’s like being kicked in the stomach by a kangaroo, but im determined to carry on. I have planned my day to get through day 1!

Step 1: I’m going to steer clear of stress. I have homework to do,but I’m going to take breaks and perhaps listen to music in the meantime.

Step 2: doing something fun, for example I’m going to see a friend.

Step3: relax, I’m going to read a book,watch a film and look through my social medias.

Step 4: freshen up and have a bath or shower depending on what I feel up to

Step 5: excersise, I’m only walking but it’s better than just sitting in a car.

Step 6: having an early night, time to reduce fatigue.

That is my day today along with paracetamol, water, hot water bottles and food. Usually my cravings! What does everyone else do? Leave me a comment and I hope this might give you an idea of what to do. Xx


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