The difference between books and films

Books: books for me can be better, especially if you like to read. You retrieve more information and can use your own imagination to picture what the setting or characters look like. You can get hooked within a book  being taken into another world. In fact, when I read I get so lost and intrigued, I A, don’t want to put the book down, and B, I am not aware of what is happening within my surroundings. I also much prefer reading and holding a book compared to holding a kindle. I don’t have a kindle, but would u pay lots of money for a bookshelf?When you get a book app or a kindle, you pay lots of money for it then continue paying for books. What is the point? What is also nice about having a book is that when you have finished with them, you can either keep them, lend them to a friend or give them away to a charity shop. You could even sell them!

Films: I love watching films. You are given an image of what the characters and setting is like and helps for if you aren’t an imaginative friend. In addition to this, you are pulled into a film,because there is curiosity to what may happen without too much thinking. The only problem is that the difference between a film and a book is that the film misses a lot of what is said in a book. Films can be annoying in the sense of taking time to come out after a cinema. You really want to watch it but if you don’t like cinemas, you will have to wait until everyone has already watched it and told you what happened. It may not be the case that you don’t like cinemas but not everyone is made of money and can’t afford the prices they charge you to be in a venue for an hour, whereas if you buy a DVD for let’s say £5.00, you can watch it as many times as you like.

So, in my opinion you should read a book and watch the film so that you get both stories in your mind. It’s like a rumour. Once it’s been told five times, the fifth story is completely different to the first. My point is that both types of source is just as exciting or interesting. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have a different view point message me. Xx


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