What I hate about bullies is that they boast about themselves and how much they love themselves, making others feel bad about themselves. However the funny thing is that bullies have nothing to gloat about. They are never usually pretty or attractive nor smart or funny, and deep down they feel insecure about themselves and are jealous of the people they are putting down. Even theirnsupposed friends are only sheep who are too scared to be alone!

Recently, I saw a girl being laughed at and being left out. She didn’t seem too aware of the situation until they left her sitting and waiting. My friends and I welcomed her in but why do people need to be so cruel. This girl, wouldn’t hurt a flie and has a heart of gold. 

The thing is people are picked on because of their differences,but why should that matter? Size is just an appearance, along with beauty, hair and fashion. The only thing that matters is how they treat you. Sure keeping clean and being appropriate in the sense of the way you act is important. You don’t want a friend who is going to get you into trouble. Or a friend who has nothing in common with you.

If you see someone, girl or boy, who are being left out, you don’t have to become best friends with them, but you certainly you don’t need to be mean. Welcome them in and make them feel welcome. If you are the one being bullied then forget about those lone lives and enjoy your life. The people you meet at school, unless you get a strong bond with them, you are highly unlikely to see after school. The world is huge, in fact it is 6371km to be precise, so go out and meet the people who make you happy and achieve what you want to achieve because everyone deserves a good shot at life, and everyone is unique in a special way.



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