killer weight worries

Hey everyone, hope ya’ll doing well. xx

My topic on this post is weight concerns. I feel like this is something that most people spend their lives experiencing, yet isn’t really spoken about enough. In fact, in the UK more than half of teenaged girls have worries about their weight. One of my issues within this segment of teen life is that boys go through this lack of self confidence too, but don’t get enough recognition. Both boys and girls, are perfect, whether they are tall, small, a size 6 or 16.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t worry about how they look or take pride in themselves, but you shouldn’t stress to the point of making yourself ill. Recently I have been eating a lot healthier and within 2 weeks, my weight has dropped massively. I have never been unhealthy or large and heavy, but I took it upon my self to eat a bit better and take in consideration to what I eat. Do I really need a sweet treat at this moment in time? I am not saying to cut out all sweet food, or fatty takeaway foods because trust me it doesn’t work. The main thing is your happiness which is why having the odd treat every once and a while doesn’t hurt. Just don’t binge eat!

weight is a strange thing and for teenagers it is even stranger. So much worry and time is put into such concerns, but is it really all worth it? Teenagers, as they are going through their puberty will vary in size, so all you have to do is wait. Once you are older, you will soon shape up. Boys will become stronger, masculine men and girls will become shaped, feminine women. Parents say this all the time, and I feel as though teens don’t take that into consideration enough, trust me it is true. You’re all beautiful! Today, and in the future, we are just all unique, different and changing every day.

So, what shall we take from this?

  • Eating healthy is NOT the same as dieting
  • Staying happy is the most important thing
  • Treating yourself is not a crime
  • We are all amazing and really there is NO such thing as PERFECT!


Being young and single

In this generation it seems as though everyone feels as though they need to be in a relationship at around the age of 14 and older. Sometimes even younger. Well it isn’t a necessity. Yes, love feels amazing, but can’t you just get love from friends and family? 

The likelihood that a relationship from such a young age is going to work is minimal, so in some ways it can be a waste of time and tears. No one knows what a real relationship is until they have experienced it, so being even younger than say 17 or 18 reduces the knowledge, responsibility and maturity of the situation. You are unlikely to marry your young love, so don’t worry and don’t feel like it is important to be ‘in love’!

However, if you meet someone, who you love, and they love you back, go for it, yet don’t feel pressurised, because there are more important things to think about.  If your ‘crush’ doesn’t have the same feelings for you as you do towards them, forget it, move on and live your childhood life. For example, you are at school and most likely have exams on the way. Study study study! That will matter in the future. Friends, party’s and family outings. Enjoy yourself instead of make a commitment to love. Family are always there and friends are in it for the long haul. Party’s, well they’re just fun!

Like I have said, you have people who care, whether they are a ‘partner’ or not, and that is very special. This matters. Family, friends and even pets so never feel un loved to the point of needing a partner. Stay young and stay single. Xx

exam preparation

exams are probably finished for some, and summer holidays are on their way, but even the timing may not seem right, i am going to write this post for early preparation.

tip 1

exams are pressurising and it can take some time to get used to them which is why teachers give you the chance to practice some mocks. However, to give you some extra practice, ask your teachers to give you an old paper or a couple of exam style questions. trust me it helps!

tip 2

Create a study group with some trusty people that wont set you back. Therefore, you will be able to ask questions and learn from each other. You never know it might be fun!

tip 3

watch videos and read to increase your knowledge on a specific topic. you might find it interesting.

tip 4

Take breaks for food, drink, fun and rest. It has been scientifically proved that you learn better with lots of small chunks than a long big chunk! Along with this, fun is extremely important, and you don’t want to over do it and stress yourself out. Ask friends out or go and spend time with your family.

tip 5

Flash cards.  These are extremely useful and so are posters. Give them a try and if you have any other methods please be sure to tell me them! xx

Stop staring!

Everyone has a story to be told, dilemmas to defeat and secrets to keep. but whatever it it, it has nothing to do with you, unless they want to tell you. Next time you see something different in the street or when you see someone going through a hard time, don’t judge. Just walk away and ignore the situation or go and help; comfort them.  A simple smile can go a long way; its like the saying, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Sometimes life isn’t easy and when people judge it only makes things harder. The one thing i hate the most is when you see someone going through a hard time and they’re trying to overcome the situation, but a total stranger begins to put them down.

  • “what are you doing here?”
  • “you don’t deserve this”
  • “you’re not normal”

These phrases are examples of the things said to such inspirational people. They don’t need to be said. It makes my blood boil and i know for sure that it hurts other people too. so please thing before you speak. Don’t stare and don’t judge!

I hope this hasn’t been too deep and doesn’t offend anyone. xx

Self confidence

Hey, today I am going to be writing a very passionate and deep post today. As we grow we come across these obstacles that try and stop us, whether it’s people,tasks, health or anything. Challenging, which is why I want to express how important it is to come up on top of it. 

Words hurt

I love the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’, but the problem is that words do hurt, no matter how much we try to hide it. Today someone said something to me and it hurt. I am not one to show emotion,but yes what that insignificant,vibe killing person said felt horrible. Like I have expressed in the past I hate bullies with a passion, and this person says things to hurt people. They may not realise, but that shouldn’t really matter. Mean words are going to upset people. I usually laugh things off, but when you know it isn’t Banta and they aren’t your friends it makes my blood boil because one day they could say something to the wrong person and the retaliation could be critical.  So let’s all stop with those nasty phrases because one day those horrible bullies will get their comeuppance. Don’t let it get to you and do what I did. Surround yourself by those that make you happy and shrug it off. It’s the best thing to do. Xx I wasn’t effected by this and I still continued to have a great day, but please if anyone has been upset try and help them. You will be the one laughing in the end.


Keep smiling is my motto. Accept yourself for who you are and love it. Control it. Inspire everyone to stay positive. Even if it’s a smile to a stranger it will make you feel lifted and up beat and rub off onto the stranger.

Health worries

If it is someone you care about, try and stay strong for them. Show them you care and spend time helping and giving them some company. If it is you, stay around your friends and family, do the things you love and again stay strong. Always reach higher than the highest mountain and beat that obstacle.


Plan, try, solve and complete. Keep organised and never give up. Show your dedication and ask for help if you need it. Don’t be afraid or ashamed. 

I hope this helps xoxo 


Oh my god it’s that time of the month. Aches and pains, blood and fatigue. It’s like being kicked in the stomach by a kangaroo, but im determined to carry on. I have planned my day to get through day 1!

Step 1: I’m going to steer clear of stress. I have homework to do,but I’m going to take breaks and perhaps listen to music in the meantime.

Step 2: doing something fun, for example I’m going to see a friend.

Step3: relax, I’m going to read a book,watch a film and look through my social medias.

Step 4: freshen up and have a bath or shower depending on what I feel up to

Step 5: excersise, I’m only walking but it’s better than just sitting in a car.

Step 6: having an early night, time to reduce fatigue.

That is my day today along with paracetamol, water, hot water bottles and food. Usually my cravings! What does everyone else do? Leave me a comment and I hope this might give you an idea of what to do. Xx


What I hate about bullies is that they boast about themselves and how much they love themselves, making others feel bad about themselves. However the funny thing is that bullies have nothing to gloat about. They are never usually pretty or attractive nor smart or funny, and deep down they feel insecure about themselves and are jealous of the people they are putting down. Even theirnsupposed friends are only sheep who are too scared to be alone!

Recently, I saw a girl being laughed at and being left out. She didn’t seem too aware of the situation until they left her sitting and waiting. My friends and I welcomed her in but why do people need to be so cruel. This girl, wouldn’t hurt a flie and has a heart of gold. 

The thing is people are picked on because of their differences,but why should that matter? Size is just an appearance, along with beauty, hair and fashion. The only thing that matters is how they treat you. Sure keeping clean and being appropriate in the sense of the way you act is important. You don’t want a friend who is going to get you into trouble. Or a friend who has nothing in common with you.

If you see someone, girl or boy, who are being left out, you don’t have to become best friends with them, but you certainly you don’t need to be mean. Welcome them in and make them feel welcome. If you are the one being bullied then forget about those lone lives and enjoy your life. The people you meet at school, unless you get a strong bond with them, you are highly unlikely to see after school. The world is huge, in fact it is 6371km to be precise, so go out and meet the people who make you happy and achieve what you want to achieve because everyone deserves a good shot at life, and everyone is unique in a special way.


The difference between books and films

Books: books for me can be better, especially if you like to read. You retrieve more information and can use your own imagination to picture what the setting or characters look like. You can get hooked within a book  being taken into another world. In fact, when I read I get so lost and intrigued, I A, don’t want to put the book down, and B, I am not aware of what is happening within my surroundings. I also much prefer reading and holding a book compared to holding a kindle. I don’t have a kindle, but would u pay lots of money for a bookshelf?When you get a book app or a kindle, you pay lots of money for it then continue paying for books. What is the point? What is also nice about having a book is that when you have finished with them, you can either keep them, lend them to a friend or give them away to a charity shop. You could even sell them!

Films: I love watching films. You are given an image of what the characters and setting is like and helps for if you aren’t an imaginative friend. In addition to this, you are pulled into a film,because there is curiosity to what may happen without too much thinking. The only problem is that the difference between a film and a book is that the film misses a lot of what is said in a book. Films can be annoying in the sense of taking time to come out after a cinema. You really want to watch it but if you don’t like cinemas, you will have to wait until everyone has already watched it and told you what happened. It may not be the case that you don’t like cinemas but not everyone is made of money and can’t afford the prices they charge you to be in a venue for an hour, whereas if you buy a DVD for let’s say £5.00, you can watch it as many times as you like.

So, in my opinion you should read a book and watch the film so that you get both stories in your mind. It’s like a rumour. Once it’s been told five times, the fifth story is completely different to the first. My point is that both types of source is just as exciting or interesting. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have a different view point message me. Xx

My family

My mum is marverlous

You know my dad is too

For my parents have been there for me

And my brother too

Me and my family are together forever

I love them so much

Love them to the moon and back

Yeah we do argue but that only makes us stronger

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